Step I - Choose a category

The Gran Fondo Mont-Tremblant invites avid cyclists to discover the Mont-Tremblant region when they choose a personal challenge on one of four superb circuits: 160 km, 125 km, 80 km or 45 km. Speed categories have been set for each course so that all participants can ride safely with other cyclists of the same calibre. 

  Until January 15 
25% off
Until March 1st
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Regular cost
Super Fondo - 160 km $113 $128 $150
Gran Fondo - 125 km $113 $128 $150
Medio Fondo - 80 km $94 $106 $125
Molo Fondo - 45 km $75 $85 $100

The difficulty levels of each course are based on four elements:

  • Total riding distance
  • Changes in altitude
  • The speed of your pack
  • Previous riding experience

Important considerations when choosing your distance and pack:

  • The Gran Fondo Mont-Tremblant is considered by many as the season’s first cycling event. You should consider your fitness level when signing up.
  • The indicated pack speed is an average speed for the entire circuit. Over certain portions of the course, the speed will be higher or lower than the average.
  • The Tremblant area is mountainous, and altitude changes should be expected

Super Fondo 160 km

Approximate time: between 5 and 6.5 hours

Altitude changes: 1 710 metres

Types of riders: Top-flight competitive cyclists

Average pack speeds

  • Speed: over 33 km/hr*
  • Speed: 28 km/hr

* The leading pack is for top cyclists with a pre-set speed, adjusted to the pace of cyclists.


Gran Fondo 125 km

Approximate time: between 3.5 and 5.5 hours

Altitude changes: 1 199 metres

Types of riders: Experienced, high-calibre cyclists

Average pack speeds

  • Speed: 33 km/hr
  • Speed: 28 km/hr

* The leading pack is for top cyclists with a pre-set speed, adjusted to the pace of cyclists.


Medio Fondo 80 km

Approximate time: between between 2 ¾ and 3 ¾  hours

Altitude changes: 724 metres

Types of riders: Intermediate to advanced cyclists

Average pack speeds

  • Speed: 30 km/hr
  • Speed: 27 km/hr
  • Speed: 24 km/hr

** Average speed 27 km/hr : du to a large number of participants have registered for this particular peloton, the organizers have decided to split the peloton and schedule two departures.

When you sign in at the Mont-Tremblant Resort’s Centre des Congrès, participants will  choose either of these two groups:

  1. Average speed 27 km/hr OVER: This peloton will ride slightly faster, or between 27 and 28 km/hr;
  2. Average speed 27 km/hr UNDER: This peloton will ride somewhat more slowly, or between 26 and 27 km/hr.

The reception staff will give you an ID bracelet for your choice of group and departure time.


Molo Fondo 45 km

Approximate time: between 1¾ and 2.5 hours

Altitude changes: 333 metres

Types of riders: Recreational/novice cyclists

Average pack speeds

  • Speed: 24 km/hr
  • Speed: 21 km/hr


IMPORTANT: The end-of-ride vehicle (“broom wagon”) will trail the ride on each course at a minimum speed established by the organizer, to be communicated to riders at the time of registration. Any entrant or group of entrants passed by this vehicle will be declared as having missed the time limit. From that point on, stragglers will be permitted to ride to the finish line on their own, in unprotected conditions and under their sole responsibility; they must obey the Highway Safety Code and will not be credited with an official time.