Step I - Choose a category

It is already time to plan your cycling season. Mark your calendars and reserve the Gran Fondo Mont-Tremblant as your first Gran Fondo of the summer!

Roam the wonderful landscapes of the Laurentians and crown your experience in the festive environment at the Place des Voyageurs come May 31st.

The choice of three timed routes of 125 km, 80 km or 45km are available to you. Take on this experience at your own pace, according to your skill level. Three categories based on average speed are available on each course to ensure a safe ride along many cyclists of the same caliber.

The 2014 edition promises several timing improvements and an adjusted formula for elite cyclists that are looking for a greater challenge.


Your registration includes:

• Your participation to the 125 km, 80 km or 45km challenge in a secure environment within the event's structure and organisation
• Refreshments on the course
• A technical cycling clothing item valued at 90$

• Access to the participants' reception/cocktail on the Friday night - one drink per participant

• Participants' lunch on site at the Gran Fondo Mont-Tremblant finish
• Access to Gran Fondo Mont-Tremblant preferential accommodation rates

Offered services:

• Road cycling in a secure environment with police escort and partially closed roads
• Timing chip
• Mechanical assistance - mobile teams
• First Aid - mobile teams
• 'Broom Wagon' - support to participants and transportation to the finish for those who cannot finish the course
• Secure bicycle parking at the finish area
• Sanitary Services on the course

5 FOR $125 BEFORE THE 25TH! Register with 4 of your friends before April 25th and receive $125 off as a group, no matter the chosen distance by each individual rider. To do so, have one member of the group email us at with the names of the 5 participants. We will then contact you for the additional registration steps. Make it a weekend gathering of friends and family! An amazing ride to begin the season!

The Gran Fondo - 125km

Approximate duration: between 3h30 and 5h30. For experienced cyclists with a higher skill level. The head peloton of the 125km distance will be reserved for experienced advanced cyclists as the speed will be unlimited and adjusted to the cyclists in this group.

The available speed categories for this segment:

  • Peloton 1 - Average speed - Above 35 km/h
  • Peloton 2 - Average speed - 33 km/h
  • Peloton 3 - Average speed - 28 km/h
Information on this segment Choose this segment - $ 150 (Plus taxes)

The Medio Fondo - 80 km

Approximate duration: between 2h 45min and 3h 45 min. The Medio Fondo occurs over a course of 80 km for recreational cyclists with an intermediate to advanced skill level.

The available speed categories for this segment:

  • Peloton 4 - Average speed - 30 km/h
  • Peloton 5 - Average speed - 27 km/h
  • Peloton 6 - Average speed - 24 km/h
Information on this segment Choose this segment - $ 125 (Plus taxes)

The Mellow Fondo - 45 km

NEW - Approximate duration between 1h45 and 2h30. The Mellow Fondo takes place on a 45km course and is tailored for recreational cyclists with a beginner skill level.

The available speed categories for this segment:

  • Peloton 7 - Average speed - 24km/h
  • Peloton 8 - Average speed - 21km/h
Information on this segment Choose this segment - $ 100 (Plus taxes)

IMPORTANT : The end-of-ride vehicle (“broom wagon”) will trail the ride on each course at a minimum speed established by the organizer, to be communicated to riders at the time of registration. Any entrant or group of entrants passed by this vehicle will be declared as having missed the time limit. From that point on, stragglers will be permitted to ride to the finish line on their own, in unprotected conditions and under their sole responsibility; they must obey the Highway Safety Code and will not be credited with an official time.