Important considerations when choosing your distance and pack:

  • The Gran Fondo Mont-Tremblant is considered by many as the season’s first cycling event. You should consider your fitness level when signing up.
  • The indicated pack speed is an average speed for the entire circuit. Over certain portions of the course, the speed may be higher or lower than the average.
  • The Tremblant area is mountainous, and altitude changes should be expected

The difficulty levels of each course are based on four elements:

  • Total riding distance
  • Changes in altitude
  • Pack speed
  • Your previous riding experience



FRIDAY 18:00

This is a great way to warm up, get the legs limber, and learn a few judicious tips from our tour leaders. Free rides in small groups get the weekend off to a good start; approximate distances, 30 to 50 km.  Free activity. Madatory registration.

Register for the SUNSET RIDE

Super Fondo 160 km

  • Regular price : $155

Gran Fondo 125 km

  • Regular price : $155

Medio Fondo 80 km

  • Regular price : $130

Molo Fondo 45 km

  • Regular price : $105

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